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The designers from ZYA The Label, Mel & Alyse, have come together to offer like-minded creatives the support & resources necessary to manufacture their own unique fashion collections or pieces.

The ZYA girls have built a strong connection with their production team over the years, gaining helpful insight from their own experience with the making of their ranges, as well as already working closely with current designers in the fashion industry. Through this, the ZYA Production House want to share their knowledge and provide the opportunity for any upcoming designers to be able to manifest their visions and turn late night mood boards, ideas and sketches into the well-crafted garments of their fashion fantasies <3


Since we launched, in 2014, we have collaborated with our family-run production company in China and have established a direct link. From this we have been able to use our skills to create an easy and smooth approach to the entire production process! Our personal experience has taught us the true importance of communication, we understand how overwhelming the process can be but we are here to listen and help you from start to finish, ensuring nothing is lost in translation.

We offer assistance across all stages, we have access to the fabric markets and can source almost any material imaginable for you! We understand the priority of maintaining a high level of quality and balancing those needs with the best cost-effective alternatives. From sampling to development & shipping, we are here to bridge the gap between your ideas and the means to make them happen.

If you are interested in working with us to help you pursue your fashion projects then please reach out!

Email us at

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